Hi, I’m Coach Shanda
I’m a wife, mother of two young boys and most of all a lover of life!! I’m so glad I can say that now because I did have a hard childhood and ended up moving out at a very young age. This made, or you could say, forced me to be strong, adapt and overcome any hard obstacles that crossed my path. I have learned that life always throws you challenges and you can always overcome them and learn from them. 
Right out of school I ended up getting a job as a travel agent. Great job as far as the benefits go, of getting to travel the world but caused me to be sedentary, stressed out and make unhealthy lifestyle choices by skipping breakfast, eating fast food all the time and never exercising. After several years of this, I kept noticing that when I went shopping for clothes, my pants sizes were getting bigger and bigger. So, I finally started going to the gym I belonged to forever. (just making my monthly donations…LOL!) After a few months of being consistent with my food and working out, I dropped over 30lbs and cut my body fat in half. I felt better and looked better than I ever had before. This did take a lot of hard work, sweat, sore muscles and even some tears to get to this point but I am, to this day, so grateful I made this decision to change my lifestyle and be where I’m at today. 
I decided that I loved working out and eating healthy so much I wanted to help others do the same. I completed my Certified Personal Training Course with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and many other certifications to pursue the Fitness Industry. I have over 16 years of personal training experience and love my job!! 
Within the last 11 years, I became a mother and am so proud of my two boys. They are my world!! Our family loves to stay active, play baseball and be outdoors. However, after having my boys my body was not the same. I felt like I would never get my pre-baby body back. When I was able to, I started back up at the gym, ate healthy and keep at it every day and with this consistency, I finally reached my goals. This did take me longer than expected but I kept at it and didn’t give up. I knew what I wanted and didn’t stop until I got there!
Within, the last 7 years I have also checked off one of the many bucket list items and competed in a Figure Body Building Competition. Four different competitions to be exact. This was a true test of how far I could push myself! I also love to participate in MUD RUN challenges and I have lost count of how many I’ve done. 
I want to tell you I personally know the struggles it takes to reshape your mind and body due to life changes & challenges, injuries, and simply put long term neglect.
I am so blessed to be a LadyBoss Personal Results Coach and help ladies achieve their goals and dreams!!